Terms and Conditions

Satisfaction Guarantee

Individual Customers of Debt to Wealth™ and Prosper may request a full refund of any product purchased from Debt to Wealth™ after having tried the product for 365 days of purchase for any reason. Once refunded, the Customer agrees to remove or return any and all product whether in digital format or hard copy. If a customer has purchased a program from Debt to Wealth™ with a double-money-back guarantee, they have the right to request such refund by method of written proof stating how they applied techniques from the program and "put it to the test", receiving unsatisfactory results. In order to grant the Customer this double-money-back guarantee, Debt to Wealth™ requires that proof be provided in written form and reserves the rights to review said written proof and grant or deny the refund request based on it's review of written proof at their discretion. This double-money-back guarantee is limited to one per household.