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About Us

John Cummuta is author of the best-selling Transforming Debt into Wealth® system, the best-selling Debt-FREE & Prosperous Living® Basic Course, Are You Being Seduced into Debt? , Wealth Machine: How to Start, Build, and Market a Debt-Free Business That Fits Your Life , The Power of Perpetual Income , the Wealth Generator System™ , The Credit Solution , Debt-Elimination 101 , the Customer-Focused Direct Marketing book, the SPEED™ direct marketing system, and the Sales Machine™ database marketing system, and he's co-developer of the DebtFree™ PC automated debt-elimination software.

As a personal finance advisor

John's heart is for his fellow Baby Boomers and their children, because the weakness of the Social Security system, dwindling pension plans, and the money-siphoning strategies of the credit industry have left this faithful group of Americans on the brink of financial disaster. John's unique financial strategies offer one of the few exit ramps from this highway to heartbreak. He has helped more than a million people worldwide position themselves to enjoy retirements most will only dream about.

John is best known for his Transforming Debt into Wealth® system — the best-selling personal debt-elimination/wealth-building program in the world today. This comprehensive multi-media learning program teaches working people that the way to financial independence is not through "managing" their debts, but through eliminating them... all of them, including their home mortgage, in just 5 to 7 years , no matter what their income level or their debt load.

His Transforming Debt into Wealth® model has proven to be a fast-lane escape route for hundreds of thousands of hard-working income earners, who had been passing on all their wealth to their creditors, month-by-month, paycheck-by-paycheck. Now they're eliminating their creditors, month-by-month, paycheck-by-paycheck. And they're building real, net worth wealth for themselves and their loved ones.

Net worth that John helps them focus on achieving true and complete financial independence through The Wealth Generator System™ multi-media learning program and his live Wealth Generator Conferences™ . These Wealth Generator™ programs deal with all the non-debt components of a complete financial plan, including financial statements, financial goals, financial gaps, building your income, investing to build wealth, and protecting your assets.

As a small business consultant, speaker, and seminar leader

John's "Prime Directive" is that a business of your own should, first and foremost, help you achieve the daily life you want to live. You should own the business, not the other way around. And the business should accelerate, not slow, your journey to debt-free financial independence. This philosophy is at the heart of his Nightingale-Conant published Wealth Machine and The Power of Perpetual Income audio learning programs. These programs present step-by-step success recipes for the startup entrepreneur...and even the experienced small business operator.